Recent work of Asyraf Rasid



Spark further beautify airspace Government Administrative Centre, Putrajaya, Independence Threshold celebration of Independence Day was the 56th with the theme “Malaysiaku Berdaulat: Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku”at the Putrajaya Maritime Centre. August 31 2013. Asyraf Rasid


Girl share a moment  as their faces are smeared with colored powder during Holi festival in Kuala Lumpur. March 31 2013. Asyraf Rasid


Lisa Surihani, Malaysian actress covers her face when telling about her reaction towards a horror movie she watched, during an interview. January 24,2013. Asyraf Rasid


A Syrian man covered his face with Syria flag during to protest the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria Embassy Kuala Lumpur. June 14 2013. Asyraf Rasid



Daughter of Malaysia Opposition Leader, Nurul Izzah delivers her speech during a protest against recent election results in Petaling Jaya, May 25 2013. Asyraf Rasid


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